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Why is sourdough bread easier to digest?

People often find Sourdough easier to digest than breads which use commercial yeast. The reasons why aren’t fully understood but it’s believed that it’s due to the prebiotic content and probiotic properties. Prebiotics are fibres which feed the beneficial bacteria in your gut. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria which are found in certain foods. Your gut health improves when you consume both regularly.

There could be some good news for people with gluten intolerance too. Sourdough contains less gluten and it’s easier to tolerate for anyone sensitive to gluten. It’s thought that sourdough’s slow fermentation degrades gluten to a greater extent than commercial yeast. More tests and clinical trials are required, so please do check with your doctor if you are gluten intolerant or have any concerns.

All kinds of claims are made about sourdough bread; some of them are true, some are just urban myths. However research in Canada shows interesting results for diabetics. They discovered that the long fermentation involved in baking with natural yeasts resulted in a loaf that was digested more slowly and caused less of a spike in blood sugar levels when it was eaten.

We might not have all the scientific reasons yet, but it’s all pointing in the same direction. Sourdough bread really is good for you.

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